The Healthy Kitchen: How To Guide Clients To Better Nutritional Foundations

The purpose of this short module is to further familiarise you with the basic coaching skillsthat you will use when working with clients. This doesn’t really matter whether it’s online as an influencer or blogger, as a writer, in person in a cooking class, one to one with a client in their home. Remember, your clients will all be at different levels. Some will have been focused on improving their health for awhile, but many that you work with will be right at the beginning of their journey.

With this in mind it is important that you know how to navigate someone through the basics of dietary improvement, healthier eating, and how to enable them to make lasting change in their diet before you start getting into all the specifics of their dietary needs.

Your clients have to start their journey from the very beginning so this module is all about the tools for developing change, including a few tools and resources you can give to clients to help them on their way.

Assessment: evaluation of a case study with a written action plan.


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